Vanilla and Optifine Fullbright is now a pack.

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What is Fullbright ?

Fullbright turns night into day, seeing more in caves and the landscape.
Fullbright is a feature that allows Minecraft Java to bring the brightness to the maximum so you can see much more. Even Night vision is darker.

Fullbright 1.19

Fullbright Vanilla and Optifine Fullbright is now a pack

Fullbright Optifine

This version is only special for Optifine you can use with this pack on servers br or in your singleplayer world. Here you can download it

Fullbright Vanilla

Is a resource pack that works without Optifine. this means that you can also use fullbright in Minecraft vanilla. you no longer need Optifine. it works with the Core technique. It allows you to change the lighting conditions. Here you can download it

Fullbright Beta

Join the Fullbright Beta program now, this will allow you to play the latest betas.
In addition, there is much more to discover.

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